Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Classroom Management (7)

This is my biggest concern about having my own classroom. I love children. I have worked with them for years; however, management has not been my strength. I expect respect but I don't naturally facilitate structure in a group setting. 

I have loved watching how Ms. Bryce manages her classroom. I voiced a little of my concerns of classroom management and asked if it was a natural process for her or was it difficult. She told me it came more naturally because of her background; she was like a mom to her siblings so discipline came naturally. She went to a conference about Love and Logic and she already applied the same concepts in her classroom before reading the book or being trained in it. 

A piece of advise she gave me (I heard Dr. Martin say the same thing) was that go harder in the beginning. It is easier to loosen up than to apply structure later. 

From what I observed in numerous classes is that there is usually a quip to get the classes attention and Ms. Bryce's is: 

"1-2-3 eyes on me."

"1, 2 eyes on you." 

In Dr. Martin's Class she uses:



"Hands and Eyes." 

We will put our hands on our desks with full attention. She would explain a concept and we would discuss as a class. She will clap her hands, thrust her hands outwards and say:


We would mock her movements and say: 


I love that there is a way of getting attention without yelling at students. I have frequently seen yelling in a classroom and I don't think that is necessary and it can destroy trust if not dealt with the right way. You can be stern without yelling. I have seen Ms. Bryce be stern yet kind. She emphasizes choice. She will tell the students, "You can either choose to listen and stay seated or go to Ms. ---------- room and read. It is your choice." I have seen that the concept of Cambourne's choice does not only go with learning but with discipline. 

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