Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Instructional Methods (3,4)

From early on, I noticed instructional strategies that Ms. Bryce was implementing. 

"Chunking"- She would talk to the kids about chunking big words to find a familiar word within a word. For example the word "seeing", the word see can help you understand the word but also to remember how to spell it. 

"Clapping and Stretching"-you use clapping to find syllables and stretching to help sound out the world. 

"Does it look right and sound right?"-I would hear Dr. Martin model for this in our own class. The purpose of a Word Wall is create sight words, so the students can remember them immediately and eventually it becomes subconscious. This questions helps the students to process spelling decisions. 

"What resources can we use?'- If you can not think of an answer, what can we use to find it? I hear Ms. Bryce mention this frequently and when I taught a few lessons at least one student would raise their hand mentioning a resource they could use to find more information. This shows that Ms. Bryce works hard on creating independence in her students. 

Instructional Materials: 

To the left is some of the activities that Ms. Bryce uses for literacy centers. My favorite was the activity for sentences. Each part of the sentence has certain edges so you could only make correct sentences. 

There were also matching for rhyming words. 

I have not seen her instructional materials outside of teaching literacy. What I have seen is lots and lots of chart paper, books, and book bags to hold their "just right" books. 

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