Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Instructional Accommodation (8, 9)

One of the children I have noticed (I will name him Juan) is definitely a struggling reader. I would see him go off to a specialist every time I visited the classroom but I also noticed his lack of engagement during independent reading time. Juan told me that he never reads. I would call on him would I would do my lessons and he would not want to participate. I watched him in a Guided Reading with Ms. Bryce and two other struggling readers. It was a book about a butterfly and had simple patterns for them to recognize. Ms. Bryce asked what are in flowers that attract insects and Juan quickly replied, "Nectar!" Ms. Bryce told him that she recognized that he made a connection to the Magic School Bus Video with the book that they were reading. I saw that Ms. Bryce challenged Juan with his reading but also had different mediums for learning. After they finished the book Ms. Bryce said since they read this book together and knew the words that this was a "just right" book and to put it in their book bags that that they keep in the room. 

I have not seen any audiovisual instruction. I have seen numerous dance breaks where Ms. Bryce would play the Just Dance video of a game from Youtube for the kids to get out their energy. I believe Ms. Bryce would be extremely purposeful with using videos or slides during her class time. I have seen many times where videos were not used effectively. Besides one Juan making a connection with the video they watched of the Magic School Bus I have not heard or seen any other audio visual instruction. 

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