Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Room (5)

This is where they keep their "One Good Thing" journal, clipboards for when they "write" the room, and their homework folders. On the right is can that holds all their pointer sticks to help them "read" the room. 
THE TIGGER LIBRARY! This is where children can read for fun!

The Word Wall

Literacy is all over the classroom and it is saturated with personal meaning because it came with an experience.

An Interactive Writing showing a tally of individuals favorite book which resulted in a class favorite. 

KWL Chart

This room is filled with charts, poems, social contracts and more, all thought out as a class with the teacher being writer or interactive writing.  You see that writing is used to anchor their thinking with different mediums from recommending books to their "One Good Thing" journal. Their desks are actually three tables with a group at each table which is conductive to working in groups. In the corner of the room there is like a "closet" with hanging chart paper with poems that they wrote as a class. In one of the literacy centers there is a binder with a print out of all the poems so the students can read through them.  The chalkboards are used to display a word wall and a list of names with classroom duties. 

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